RAT KANGAROO EP02 shifts from the straight-up post-punk rock of EP01 to a more industrial backed, sonically diverse and dangerous territory. It tells stories that come from the dark side of life and living.

Musically EP02 jumps from circus funk to cinematic grunt, then from angular jungle junk to jazz-punk. All four songs are again heavy on the groove, starting life with bass and drums, then layering up and morphing into Rat Kangaroo-style romps. Come hang with the Freaks In The Drain and gape with them into the Crack O’Doom, then mourn the tragic fate of King Kong and despair at the brutal savagery of The Downfall.

Written and performed by Chip Wardale, Andrew Garton and Mark Tallon.
Produced and mixed by RAT KANGAROO

EPO 02 Artwork by RAT KANGAROO.
Print-ready artwork produced with assistance from Amanda Grant.

Koala photo by Pascal Mauerhofer on Unsplash.
Anatomical Muscle and Tendons drawing by A. Durelli, 1837, Wellcome Collection, Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Printed and assembled by Implant Media.

RAT KANGAROO EP 01 contains three guitar-driven songs and a strident piano piece; all up a rollicking punk rock energy, with splashes of humour with a nod to the great punk tradition of belting out a catchy tune with bite and bile.

Written and performed by Chip Wardale, Andrew Garton and Mark Tallon. 

Mixed and Produced by Rob Rolfe and RAT KANGAROO.
Recorded at Chip’s Place, Pughouse Studios and The Starlight Room.

EP 01 Artwork by RAT KANGAROO.
Worry Man from “The Sentimental Bloke” (1919) redrawn by Ben Forster